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Who is this Phoebe Cochran? I'm a true Alaskan, born and raised. After being born in -60°, you would think that I'd be sick of this place, but I am perfectly content. I'm doing what I love most, in the place that I love most. While I don't lead an extraordinarily interesting life, it's mine and I love to tell my story.

I literally eat, sleep and breathe paint. I can only recommend that we stick to the original use intended for paint. I am aware that the term 'literally' is thrown around so loosely these days. Oh, I do wish I was exaggerating in this case. But alas, I am not. I'm an ARTIST in the truest sense of the word. Albeit, I'm a starving artist: one who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. Therefore, I wake up in paint, and ignorantly grab my paint water instead of my drinking water and take a big ol' swig. Let's just say, it was not a pleasant experience. Yet I'll keep doing that for the rest of my life, all the years God decides to give me, because I'm an artist. An artist who treasures art. Artists eat, sleep and breathe art, it's what we do. We do what we love.

I guess you could say there are some SLIGHT differences between me and the rest of the Alaskan population. Let me put it this way, a man and a woman decide to take the day to hike a trail in the Alaska Range. Where am I? I'm not in the mountains, I can tell you that much. I'm inside, creating my own mountains with Bob Ross. Nobody can say no to "happy little trees". However, as much as I love creating, I take time to breathe and appreciate the beautiful state I get the privilege of calling -home-. When I say "all goods straight from the 907", I take pride in that 100% guarantee.

I've pondered a couple superhero names to call myself, if and when the need arises. Unfortunately, Iron Man was already taken. Also, I'm a woman. I've come to realize that I'm neither super, nor am I a hero. Plus that's just super weird...

I can't call myself the Swiss Army Knives of artists, because I don't do everything. I can sure try though, and most likely fail. That's the beauty of it, failing and learning. Between writing music, making art, designing clothes or simply writing, there is always a project calling my name. I hear the voices, but that could also be the paint thinner. Yet another fun story to share.

I make mistakes and I grow. I eat Nutella and I literally grow. Nutella, you are never a mistake, I'm sorry for what I said two seconds ago.

I'm a simply complicated, basic artist. -learning- Even though I take a day and a night to prepare before I draw a hand, I strive to do a little bit of a lot of things. "Little bit of a lot", I'm a little fish in a moderately substantial sea. I'm a Dorothy desperately trying to pave my own little "yellow brick road". I should probably learn how to pave a road, huh? Oh, but where will the road lead? Who knows... I've come a long way through trials and doubt to finally realize that I don't need to know where I'll be in 10 years, or even two. I get by just knowing where I am. I'll learn where to place my next step as I go along

- Faith Move-

THANK YOU for taking even a minute out of your day to get to know more about who I am!! Many more adventures to unfold when it comes to this wild Alaskan girl

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